Welcome to Keeping U Online, your one place for PC Diagnostics and Repair.  This blog is going to be the space for general tips on how to keep and maintain your PC.  Today's Topic:  General Cleaning.

So you got this brand spanking new PC a year ago, but now it's giving you all kinds of trouble.  It's booting slow, or worse yet, it's crashing and then restarting.  Sometimes it can be a symptom of something critical that needs replacing, but more often than not, it's something simple, like keeping the inside of your PC clean.

Your PC is a hotbed of dust and dirt.  The fans that you have on it are like lungs for your body.  They take air in and breathe it out.  This keeps essential components like your video card, your power supply and even your motherboard cool.  Now imagine if all those things couldn't get proper air flow.  Well, then you'd have a problem.

The solution?  Easy, go to a place like Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, or even Lowe's and Home Depot and get a can of compressed air.  After this, go to your PC and open the case.  Some may be easy to open but many would require a screwdriver.  Of course, turn the thing off before you do this, then take the can of air and blow into your fans.  Your power supply and the main PC should be the first to be cleaned.  Also blow into the heat-sink fan located on your motherboard, it should be fairly obvious which one it is.  In addition, if you're like me and have a high end video card that has a heatsink and fan attached to it, you should probably blow that out as well.

After the dust settles, put the cover to the case back on and power it up.  Do this about one a month (or every two weeks if you have cats or dogs) and you won't have any problems.

Next time, we talk about keeping your desktop clean.

Edit:  Below is some tips on how to keep your computer clean.  I also recommend that you use a can of compressed air.

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